Your real nature

Ego – Consciousness – Choices

In our world of limited experience, ego and consciousness seem to be separated. To see them as one – and therefore calm down the sense of self – it’s liberating to approach this state of being as far as one can. To know what you really are is an essential discovery
in this process. This writing will bring you some clarity about your real nature. A possibility for a connection to something bigger…

I think that nowadays most people know what the ego is. It’s different for the knowing about consciousness. Because we focus much more on the ego than on consciousness.
Pure consciousness is the source and the only reality. We could say that everything is consciousness or is born out of consciousness. Consciousness and being (or being present) are the same. And if there is no consciousness… there is nothing. And because even that is not possible – while nothing is also something – you (consciousness) cannot
not be (consciousness noticing the concept of nothingness).

So, the source is being. And being is consciousness. It’s your real nature. Unchanging, unchangeable and reliable. This is not a theory. It’s just something you know as a direct experience when you say: “I am”. Within this consciousness there are different manifestations on different levels. On earth, consciousness is experiencing itself
through body and mind.

This manifestation in the different levels of consciousness is created by mind which is the container of thoughts. Your thoughts are the makers of your story. I suppose that “First there was the word” can also refer to the starting of your own interpretation of your life experience. Thoughts can define – and so create by the mind – a “me” entity, the Ego (based on an image of who you think you are). It’s also part of consciousness but it’s different from “untouched source consciousness” or unconditioned
formless intelligence. The Ego is changeable and unreliable. So the question
then is: how can we make this realisation enjoyable?

Not all thoughts are necessarily fed by duality, like good or bad, past and future, life and death. Duality on a psychological level is creating tensions and conflicts. But some thoughts can arise from the place of pure consciousness. Then, they appear to be intelligent for those who are not stuck in their own mind limitations. This is what it means to be open minded: to be receptive to spontaneous harmony and solutions for inner peace, silence and joy. This is clear for those who can contain the wisdom of untouched, original life connection. Is it essential to realise this particular, open way of perceiving life in order to secure wisdom?

All hard choices have consequences. And it’s unavoidable: decision-making is part of our daily life. You might as well then make the right choice, the one that brings what we all want: peace and pleasantness. If you simply stay as pure awareness, the right action will be initiated from your deeper intelligence. But how do we get there?

First start to find your misconceptions. There are plenty of them: patterns that seem to be real to you and to which you cling onto. The Froton Life Tool can be a valuable guidance. The challenges of life also. A “right” action is free. It means that it starts from an unconditioned mind. Not depending on a construct and thus not even depending on a mental past. Knowing your misconceptions, you know how to avoid them to interfere with the choice. You don’t give them any power and the choice is pure:
free of expectations, free of result, free of hope, free of fear… because all these are mind constructs. Also free of judgment and thus free of any mental movement of escaping. Then, the action is powerful.

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