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Video1: Oneness and the illusion of separation

What is oneness and its relation to manifestation on earth? The conversation started with the scientific statement that everything is vibration. Is this true or is there a source – even “before” the existence of time – that permits vibration to come to existence? Is there a possibility to go beyond time, to be in a state of direct experience where the experiencer knows no time?

Video2: A Froton Life Tool approach with horses

It’s well known that horses are a perfect mirror for human beings. Especially concerning inner tensions related to fear and a person’s conditioning. In that sense they can stimulate consciousness in the same way as Eddy Van Calster does when he shares his insights. In France, we innovated for the first time the concept.

Video3: The secret and its key, a conversation about awakening

This is a new conversation between Ian and Eddy about the capacity of the mind to be pure and the pathless land that we then find ourselves in. And also about the question that always comes back: is enlightenment taking place in no time and by no reason, or is there great effort needed for it to be there. A question that cannot even be answered within limited thought.

Video4: Authority and the free mind

Can a free mind be compromised by external or internal (own) authority? Realisation of Self is not about fighting authority but about understanding the “me” by seeing each play of the own mind. Not saying it’s bad, but realising how much power you give to it… and then release… to find out what is really true.

Video5: Closeness in relationships

The changes that an open mind goes through can have big implications. Fabienne, my dear wife that died too early, followed me in this detachment, away from a ‘life in the box”. It made us have a wonderful relationship. I would suggest all relationships to inquire on this inner freedom that brings two souls very close to each other. But it’s not always possible, when one is not ready for it. Then, sometimes the ego has to pay a price, but not the soul.

Video6: Non attachment, calling and education

To follow a calling, especially one leading to more inner freedom, can have a lot of implications in the relationship. People can ask themselves how to handle this. Loving in freedom is something we have to learn. Also how to improve a relationship by understanding what it means.

Video7: Don’t condemn your pain

To want to escape from pain that is linked to a mind construction is a human reflex. But it’s also a conditioning, a program that sometimes makes it worse because the conflict by judgment is added to the pain itself.

Video8: The necessity of inquiry. A talk with Eddy Van Calster. Interview by Ian Graham.

Absorbed by daily life and directed consciously or unconsciously by fear, there is a lack of space for stillness and inquiry. Is it really necessary to find a sense of a path to spirituality – whatever it means – or is it valuable to restrict your life to your sense of self?

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