Froton Life Tool

My Froton Life Tool method allows people, regardless of the environment they’re in (the workplace, family, friendships), to see their patterning and to find a tangible solution, not giving power to the ego that creates to keep us trapped in a cycle of pain and suffering. The Froton Life Tool is a device to develop more consciousness. It is designed to help people get in touch with themselves on a deeper level in order to be in greater harmony with their own truth as well as the laws of nature. The tool is a pyramid with 7 levels and 4 sides. Each side represents the different aspects of a human being: the physical body, the levels of consciousness, resonance with the world outside yourself, and illusions. On every side, there are 7 layers that build on top of each other, from the base of the pyramid to the top.

Video 1: About the Froton Life Tool

Spirituality and science are both close when they are well approached. They are then both inquiring truth in an honest way. They are able to find a connection with reality. Also the reality of the misconceptions of the mind. The Froton Life Tool therefore is a guidance to freedom, in freedom. It’s not a technique. It invites you to release tensions by looking at yourself.

Video 2: About the Froton Life Tool on Instagram

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Video 3: Foundations of the Froton Life Tool

“Fear is the opposite of Love. And so, Love is often rejected, not accepted, instead of being received. Because it’s unknown quantity and quality.”
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