Why this enlightenment community?

Being passionate about enlightenment I met some valuable teachers. They made me realise how important it is to be guided in the right way.

There is no compromising for truth. Knowing this, I felt it would be good to have a reference for people that are searching for awakening to truth in a very sincere way.

I invite you to connect with the community if you like to share your own contribution to this wonderful power of what cannot be defined. I invite you to help people to know what enlightenment is not. In order to be touched by what it is to be free.

Maybe you already have your website or your surrounding activities. Let me know, so that we can share it. It’s all free. The only thing I ask is the purity of the message. No judgments, no expectations, no ambition, no competition, no duality, no projections, …

In order to be touched by what it is to be free.
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