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Eddy Van Calster is engaged in serious investigation about human health and mind health, that has to be put in a most effective context. The objective is a long term vision with new devices, new and innovating thoughts, in order to bring more drastic corrections in the body and mind with effect on human behaviour. Therefore he is currently working with the Froton Life Tool.

The Love that I am celebrates the Love that you are

Having created the enlightenment community I invite pure souls to share to each other how they embody the realisation of the Love that they are, enjoying talking about their actions and the consequences of their sharing. Being passionate about exchanging a higher frequency of life manifestation. Whether or not to empower it.

Some are sharing through wonderful Youtube movies, some by talks, some write books, some just talk to their environment, some live it in silence, some do nothing (they are just present).

All is well.

You are welcome to join us in absence of judgment, projections, expectations, competition or attachment to duality. Just because of the passion for truth. Open to anything to come. Moreover, the community can be a reliable source of reference for the ones who are on the path of sincere searching. There is nothing wrong with bringing your power into the world. The world needs it. As long as it’s pure or with the most pure intentions (knowing we are all conditioned), helping a greater Vision to unfold.

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