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Eddy Van Calster

Combining philosophy with neuroscientific principles and with a Master’s degree at the Brussels Faculty of Medicine, I have developed a vision to enable people to tackle problems while overcoming fear or judgment. I help strip away the excuses and convenient stories we tell ourselves to get through life. Replacing them by guiding to a deeper realistic sense, I bring evolution in the process towards a greater freedom.

It’s an ability to show you how harmful it is to accept a particular state of mind as an established fact. My work involves emptying the mind of the obstacles that are getting in the way of fulfilment.

Eddy Van Calster guides your personal transformation and helps your company to evolve.

Ego Consciousness Choices

In our world of limited experience, ego and consciousness seem to be separated. To see them
as one – and therefore calm down the sense of self – it’s liberating to approach this state of being as far as one can. To know what you really are is an essential discovery in this process. This writing will bring you some clarity about your real nature. A possibility
for a connection to something bigger…

Froton Life Tool

The Froton Life Tool was created in a place of peace and retreat, called Faulx-Les-Tombes. Quite by grace both abbreviated to FLT, and this synchronicity felt clearly an omen, a sign for a calling of something bigger to happen than it was initially meant to be. Encouraged by his loved ones, Eddy started to work it out, developed it and made it an efficiënt tool for reaching a higher level of consciousness. It’s now used by many people for private consultations or as a mirror for their own personal process and for questioning society’s constructs. Eddy also gives courses, talks, training and education. It made him gain the reputation of “the coach for the coaches”. It’s a tool that captivates all people who are interested in the subject of enlightenment.The FLT is about everything that the soul wants to connect to, and which the ego doesn’t want to know about.

Unlock Personal Struggles

E. Van Calster

Eddy Van Calster guides your personal transformation and helps your company to evolve.


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