Although most people are giving a lot of importance to money, we should understand the real value of it. One of the reasons for failure is the direct link people make between money and the material world thus putting the material world in straitjacket. It is wrong to believe that money gives us unlimited power and unlimited possibilities. That is a huge misconception and we are now living in a proof of it. World becomes more and more materialistic where money becomes the most important thing. While Coronavirus shows us that it is a mistake to go on like this, without health money is not useful.

Money has a very limited power. When you focus on it too much, you limit yourself in it, because by putting so much importance on money, you send a signal to the universe that you currently don’t have it which goes against the law of abundance. By consequence, this limitation will manifest itself into a lack of money.

The good news is that the universal intelligence – that we call love – is unlimited.

Which means that love is limitless by itself; it never gets exhausted. It’s an infinite energy.

If the desire for having money comes from the ego, then the universal highest vibration goes somewhere else and not to you. This energy is permanently looking for you to be the most beautiful channel for it to exist. Don’t scare it off by desiring money, it’s not asking you to resist it.

You have to know that everyone, sooner or later, will come across a situation which might seem unfair. I know the feeling as I have gone through this difficult situation myself. Those problems, those difficult situations are sent to us as life lessons so that we challenge our mind constructs, get rid of old programming and find out what is really important for us.

The questioning of those difficult situations which are sent to us brings us to the following insight: you don’t have to fight to earn money, you need to think from abundance point of you: there is always money enough for your real needs. It’s all about accepting the deeper values, like when you live in accordance with your soul purpose, when you enjoy everything you are doing, when you do things spontaneously with no hurry, then life becomes effortless. You don’t have to focus on earning money, focus on fulfilling your soul’s mission and money will come by itself.

By accepting those deeper values we are handing over to a greater reality, a reality in which universal intelligence is more efficient and abundant than our mind constructs.

Remember that life cannot be controlled by the mind, but it can be guided by the inner voice. Follow your heart, it knows the way.

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Combining philosophy with neuroscientific principles and with a Master’s degree at the Brussels Faculty of Medicine, I have developed a vision to enable people to tackle problems while overcoming fear or judgment. I help strip away the excuses and convenient stories we tell ourselves to get through life. Replacing them by guiding to a deeper realistic sense, I bring evolution in the process towards a greater freedom. It’s an ability to show you how harmful it is to accept a particular state of mind as an established fact. My work involves emptying the mind of the obstacles that are getting in the way of fulfilment. How can I (Eddy Van Calster) help you or your company transform?

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